Requested array exceeds maximum array size preference

Dear colleagues,

I’ve encountered an interesting error message (below) when using a simul command together with options_.debug=1; The error message is gone when options_.debug=1; is suspended. I haven’t encountered this error message when using options_.debug=1; together with the estimation command. My model is large, so I will not upload it here. I have tried to replicate the error with a small model and there options_.debug=1; works with the simul command without issuing an error message.

So my understanding is that the error message is due to the mere size of the model. I am wondering if the error message can be avoided on the Dynare side, as the requested array size is impressively large. Or, we must merely acknowledge the fact that we are not able to use options_.debug=1; with the simul command for large models.

Our IT team has not yet unblocked Dynare version 5.3, so this case is still under Dynare version 5.2.


Error using ==
Requested 42600960000x1 (317.4GB) array exceeds
maximum array size preference. Creation of
arrays greater than this limit may take a long
time and cause MATLAB to become unresponsive.
See array size limit or preference panel for
more information.

Error in sim1 (line 71)

Error in perfect_foresight_solver_core (line
oo_.steady_state, M_,

Error in perfect_foresight_solver (line 63)
oo_ =

Error in fiscal74.driver (line 4304)

Error in dynare (line 281)
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]);

Thanks for reporting this issue. A fix is at

Thanks a lot for the fix. It is working now.