Replication attempt of BGG1999

Dearall,Nowadays I’m replicating the paper BGG1999 based on nonlinear first order conditions,but always meet “BK conditions are not satisfied”. I guess it’s the timing problem of CSV first order condition,but I don’t know the exactly reason.Does anyone know the reason, or if anybody have a replication code of this article based on nonlinear first order conditions.Thanks a lot.
BGG_ver2.mod (5.8 KB)
runner.m (1.6 KB)

The file is not complete.
When I run runner.m, the erro is:

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Sorry ,I forgot this file
comp_omegabar.m (374 Bytes)

Equation 10 has a residuals.

((Gammap-mu*Gp)/Gammap)*(1-Gamma)+(Gamma-mu*G)=1/S(-1); %Equ 10


This residual almost equal zero, I don’t know does it matter?

No, the tiny residuals do not matter. But you can use Dynare’s \LaTeX-capabilities to inspect the FOCs:
BGG_ver2.mod (5.8 KB)
BGG_ver2_TeX_binder.pdf (109.9 KB)

Thanks Professor jpfeifer,got it.Today I find when I reduce the NK-BGG model to RBC-BGG,there is still a problem of “BK condition not satisfied”. So the timing problem must be CSV. In the BGG_ver2.mod, to clarify the state contigent characteristic of the debt contract, I write the first order condition about CSV based on time t. Because omegabar(t+1) depends on realized Rk(t+1),but we do not define expected omegabar(t+1) ,so I move the time of the entire equation based on time t.Is this right?

Yes, that sounds consistent with Dynare’s timing convention.