Replicating gali and Blanchard 2010


We are trying to replicate their 2010 paper and got stuck on the initval, how to you find them or solve for this problem since at the moment it says error in line 49?

Thank you!
GB.mod (2.99 KB)

It says:

which tells you all you need to know. There is an issue with the brackets. After

in that line there is a closing bracket that was never opened. The opening bracket before

never closes and there is no semicolon at the end of the line.


Running the dynare command now, i still get the error lines:

dynare GB.mod
Error: File: GB.m Line: 101 Column: 2
The input character is not valid in MATLAB statements or expressions.

Error in dynare (line 26)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

what is the problem now, i have checked the file several time now but i cant find any issues?
GB.mod (2.84 KB)

You only define capital W.