Remove Dollar sign in variable names in plots


How can I remove the dollar signs in the variable names when plotting the impulse-response functions (I’m using stoch_simul)? I tried googling for “dynare dollar sign in plots” with no relevant results. I am using Octave 6.4.0, Dynare 5.0, Ubuntu 22.04.

Thanks in advance.

When I run .mod files on my Windows 10 machine and use stoch_simul, it does not write $ sign around variables in plots. I am using MATLAB 2022a and Dynare 5.2. Do you want to share the file?

Without the file it is impossible to tell.

Update: removing “tex” from stoch_simul fixes it.But hten I don’t get the output in modelname/latex/*.tex. Sorry for the dumb question.

When using that option, you are supposed to specify \LaTeX-names for the variables.