Release of Dynare 4.2.0

This release adds new features and fixes various bugs.

See the list of new features on the wiki.

The Windows package is already available for download. The Mac and Linux packages should follow soon.

All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Thanks for this new release. Of the changes in this release (version 4.2.0) I would have found the integration of the planner_objective_value option very useful and intersesting. But it seems there is some problem with ramsey_policy generally. It doesn’t seem to work as explained in the manual. Indeed, the subfiled oo_.planner_objective_value is missing outrightly. I took a look at the M file and notice evaluate_planner_objective is commented out. I wonder this might not be intended since uncommenting it the simulation seems to work except that Tex error suddenly propped up and the whole process came into a standstill again.

Have you observed the same thing?

Thanks for reporting this.

Indeed, the computation of the planner objective is not done.

We are going to fix this for the next release.

Hey, Everyone.
My name is Nico. It’s the first time I use Dynare 4 under Matlab 6.5. I need help about the installation of Dynare.

There is a lot of documentation on the web site, read it first.

If you have a specific problem, then submit it to the forum, giving as many details as possible.