Reference to non-existent field 'dsge_var'

Hello, everyone,
I read CET2013 paper, and tried to run their code, but there was an error “Reference to non-existent field ‘dsge_var’.”, and I did not find there was ‘dsge_var’ in their code. The code is provided by the authors.
Can anyone help me?
cet.mod (25.1 KB) cet_mh_mode.mat (2.9 KB) cet_steadystate.m (19.6 KB) data.m (202 Bytes) get_VAR_resp.m (3.1 KB) params.m (4.7 KB) plot_var_model_irf.m (5.4 KB) resultsSimpleWrule.mat (2.1 MB) stack_model_responses.m (1.4 KB) VAR_IRFsAndSEs.mat (13.2 KB) thank you!