Recalculate steady_state_model after a change of a parameter value


I have a nonlinear model, with a steady_steate section. I can produce irfs with stoch_simul, but when I try to produce multiple irfs with different parameters (with a loop), I have a problem. The steady state is declared only for the first set of parameters, and for the second irf, I get the error “The steadystate file did not compute the steady state”. I tried to add the steady state section again with @#include, but it did not help. I also tried both Matlab loop and the maro-processor loop.
I tried to add a “parameters” section again, and also with the “set_param_value” function.

Any help?

base_calibration_irfs_loop.mod (15.4 KB)
base_calibration_ss.mod (3.6 KB)

Your problem is one of parameter dependence. Some of the calibrated parameters depend on the k you are trying to change. But that should be easy to fix in your steady_state_model-block. See

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I changed the steady_state section so now it doesn’t include any “parameters” with a value that is stated using the changed parameter and now it works.