RBC Stochastic trend Error message

Dear all,

I am trying to estimate a RBC model with stochastic trend. I am using the latest version of Dynare (6.1-x86_64). However, it seems I cannot get the impulse response function of shock a (as the screen shot shows). I tried to ‘quote’ the a_e in the ‘_oo’ file but it does not seem to work.
Did anyone encounter similar problem? I appreciate it very much if you could offer any advice.
Feel free to use the code below

Main_stochtrend.m (719 Bytes)
stochtrend2.mod (1.7 KB)
stochtrend2.log (863 Bytes)
calibtrend.m (566 Bytes)
stochtrend2_results.mat (15.9 KB)

Your shocks; block is missing an end.

Thank you so much for your fast response.

Even I added I still got an error message similar to the screenshot uploaded before.

You must have done something wrong. It works in Dynare 6.1:
Main_stochtrend.m|attachment](upload://3lNdMwqMZfsZ95aaBz0Eu4Q37jg.m) (721 Bytes)
stochtrend2.mod (1.7 KB)

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