Ramsey Policy doen not solve the FOCs

Dear dynare team, I written a ramsey policy code as the dynare official RamseyPolicy.mod code. But I use the fsolve to solve the consumption. It does’t work. What should I do? Please help me. My best.find_C.m (354 Bytes)
ramseypolicy.mod (628 Bytes)

And are there more codes for ramsey policy in dynare examples ? I don’t find more exercise about it.

I have solved this problem. But if we use the log not level of variable, the code should be look like what, please help me !ramseypolicy_log.mod (868 Bytes)
find_C_log.m (512 Bytes)

ramseypolicy_log.mod (643 Bytes)

You misspelled ramsey_policy, but apart from that the model runs.