Ramsey policy command problem - error

Dear Experts,

I found the next command on Juillard’s user manual for optimal policy package: eliminate lagrange multipliers, and when I use it, I get the next error message:

??? Undefined function or variable ‘eliminate_lagrange_multipliers’.

Error in ==> ramsey2 at 141

Error in ==> dynare at 120
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

Could you please help me?
Thanks a lot!

I am not aware of any Dynare function called “eliminate_lagrange_multipliers”. You must be mislead. Where did you get that information?

In Dynare, the main command for Ramsey policy is precisely called “ramsey_policy”.


I found it in the Juillard’s user manual for optimal policy package, but now, I’m using mult_eliminate, but matlab shows the next error:

??? Input argument “oo_” is undefined.

Error in ==> mult_elimination at 32
dr = oo_.dr;

Error in ==> untitled4 at 143

Error in ==> dynare at 120
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

Could you please help me?
Thanks a lot!

Which version of Dynare are you using?

Also, please post your MOD-file. I can’t help without replicating your problem.

Mr. Villemont,

I’m using Dynare to solve a DSGE model and I want to know if the program has a form to eliminate the Lagrange multipliers in the ramsey_policy command.
These are the commands that I had tried:


but none of them remove the multipliers. Estas son las opciones que he intentado, pero ninguna me elimina los multiplicadores.

I found these commands in Juilliard’s manual, “User manual for optimal policy package”.

I’m using Dynare 4.1.1 and I attached DYN-file and Juilliard’s manual.

Thanks in advance for your help,
report_1.1.2.pdf (175 KB)

This is not an official Dynare manual, and it is likely outdated. Dynare 4.1 is also a very old version which is no longer supported.

I encourage you to upgrade to the latest Dynare (4.3.2) and to use the ramsey_policy command available there.