Ramsey model "The steady state contains NaN or Inf"

ptx6.mod (9.1 KB)
Dear Professor Pfeifer,
I built a multi-sector model to do the Ramsey analysis.However, it reports error"The steady state contains NaN or Inf" when I try to do the Ramsey analysis. I have checked the model many times and all the parameters have been defined. Besides, the model could run normally if I don’t do Ramsey analysis and just do a ordinary analysis. I am really confused about the problem and have checked the model, but still don’t know how to do. Could you please help me to find out what’s the problem I missed?Much appreciated for your help.

Commands like steady or check belong after the definition of initial values and of the planner objective.
ptx6.mod (9.1 KB)

Now there is a BK violation, which may have to do with multiple steady states for the Ramsey problem.

Many thanks for your reply. Now I know there are multiple steady states in the Ramsey model, and I have tried to change the initial value of instrument variable within a wide range. But it doesn’t work. It still reports error"Blanchard Kahn conditions are not satisfied: no stable equilibrium",How should I fix it?