Quick question for Dynare Installation

Thank you for the great program. Dynare works great for my notebook with Matlab under Windows 7. However, when I tried to install Dynare with Octave in my desktop under the Ubuntu 12.04 (64 bit), a program which is called Matlab-support keeps asking to the location of Matlab directory. I don’t have a Linux version of Matlab, I tried to cancel it but all of sudden the whole program crashed. Even I cannot close the Synaptic Software Management program. I bought my Window Matlab last year. Any suggestions?


Have you installed Octave and followed the instructions here: dynare.org/DynareWiki/InstallOnDebianOrUbuntu?

Uninstall the “dynare-matlab” package. You only need the “dynare” package, which includes support for Octave.

Thank you so much for your great comments.

I realized that my problems occurred because of the version of Octave program. I used the most recent version of Octave.

I re-installed both program again and it works great.

I do appreciate all of your help.