Questions about Dynare code

I wonder what is the role of two forward slash “//” in shock section, for example

 var errphi; 
periods 1;//1:12 13 14 15 16; 
values 0;//-.23 -.25 -.20 -.13 -.06  ;//-0.28 -.15 0;

Thanks in advance.

Hi Lzzy,

// in Dynare is similar to % in Matlab code. Everything afterwards is not taken as code, so you can take notes. Probably the one above is different tries as values, that is also how I do it when trying different things.


Thanks DoubleBass. Btw do you know what is ‘@#’ in dynare code?

The @# is a macro-processor directive. See macroprocessor.pdf in the Dynare doc-folder.