Question about updating parameter values


As suggested in many posts, to update the parameter values in a model with Dynare, I run the .mod first and then use

dynare MY_FILE.mod
set_param_value('para name', -the value-);
% results wanted

My question is that, if I don’t randomize the seed in MY_FILE.mod, will Dynare give me the same simulation results when the updated value is the same as before? For example, alpha = 0.7 in the original file and then I ‘update’ the value of alpha to 0.7 using the above code.

In practice, I didn’t get the same simulation results and I’m wondering why. Is the reason that Dynare updates the randomness generating process on the back end (again I didn’t set random seeds here)? Because if all the information other than the parameter value remains the same, I don’t see why the results can be different.

Thank you very much in advance.



You need to state clearly what you are actually doing. I infer that your are running simulations. Simulations on a computer never result in the same results unless you fix the seed of the random number generator. That seems to be what you want to do. In this case, use


before running a new simulation.