Question about Bayesian shock_decomposition with option use_shock_groups?

Hi Prof. Pfeifer and to all

I want to use shock_decomposition with option use_shock_groups in order to get graphs with
groups in Dynare 4.4.3.
I am writing codes similar to example of manual of dynare 4.4.3:

supply=eam, ean, eg, egf, epx, el;
‘aggregate demand’= er, epis, eys, etau_k, etau_c, etau_h;

but I get an error:

ERROR: dib_reg.mod: line 321, cols 21-36: syntax error, unexpected NAME, expecting DATAFILE or PARAMETER_SET.
Error using dynare (line 174)
DYNARE: preprocessing failed.

Could you please tell me what could be my error?
dib_reg.mod (9.2 KB)
data_region.m (4.0 KB)

I ran it in dynare 4.5.6 modifying the last part according to this

varobs yn ym x  px  pi pis ys r g;

'supply'=eam, ean, eg, egf, epx, el;
'aggregate demand'= er, epis, eys, etau_k, etau_c, etau_h;

estimation(datafile=data_region, lik_init=2,prefilter=1,mh_nblocks=1, mh_replic=500);
//stoch_simul(irf=30) g y;


Thank Aldo for your answers,
but in Dynare 4.4.3 it does not work.

@Leonid_65 I cannot find that command mentioned in the 4.4.3 manual. I am pretty sure it was only introduced in 4.5