Problems with steady state when looping over different parameters

Hi everyone, I am performing a MC experiment with the NK baseline model. My aim is to simulate the model for 500 different configurations of parameters (CoP) and, for each CoP, I want to simulate 500 MC runs. To do that, I did two loops, an external loop over the CoP and an internal loop over the MC. The code runs without any problem. Unfortunately, for some CoP I get this message: “The steadystate file did not compute the steady state” and the simulation stops.
I am wondering whether there is way to throw away this “problematic” CoP and continue the simulation with the subsequent CoP.
I am aware that similar topics have been treated in the forum, however I did not find a specific solution for my problem. Any suggestion will be really appreciated.

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As a solution, I set steady(homotopy_force_continue=1) to “[k]eep the values of the last homotopy step that was successful and continues. BE CAREFUL : parameters and/or exogenous variables are NOT at the value expected by the user” (see reference manual, Sec. 4.10.1). I am wondering whether this is the optimal solution.

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No, that is clearly not the optimal solution, but without seeing the codes, it’s impossible to tell what the proper error handling is.

Loop_exp_II.m (2.2 KB)
NK_baseline_II.mod (10.6 KB)

Dear Prof. Pfeifer,

thank you very much for the prompt reply, in attachment you can find the codes. In particular, a Matlab file with the loop over the parameters and the Dynare file. The loop over the MC runs is inside the Dynare file.

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You should be pretty much able to take

from the shelf.

Thanks Prof. Pfeifer!