Problems with "optim" settings under 4.0.2


with the change to 4.0.2 (I installed a snapshot from a couple of days ago), I can no longer set the “optim” options for fmincon optimization

I used to state optim=(‘MaxIter’,1000) as an option to my estimate command, but now Dynare fails to run unless I erase any “optim” options, complaining from

any ideas?




This bug is not present in Dynare 4.0.2 (the stable version of Dynare).

However it is indeed present in the snapshot (the unstable version of Dynare).

I suppose that instead of installing the distribution for dynare 4.0.2, you installed the snapshot (which is the version on which the dynare developers add new features for the future dynare 4.1).

I have just fixed the problem you reported; the fix should be incorporated in tomorrow’s snapshot.

Thanks for reporthing this.