Problems with debt calibration

Dear Professor Pfeifer,

I have read the content about calibration on stock variables in the paper A Guide to Specifying Observation Equations for the Estimation of DSGE Models. To make sure that I understand it correctly, I display the following situation. Would you please take a look?
Take a short sample as an example, the quarterly data is:

GDP debt
Q1 3800 15000
Q2 3900 15700
Q3 4100 16300
Q4 4200 17000

So the year data of GDP is 3800+3900+4100+4200=16000. If the frequency of the model is in quarter and the variable Y and B in the model represent for GDP and debt respectively. Then the steady state of Y and B should meet the condition \frac{B}{4\times Y}=\frac{17000}{16000}. Is this the right way?

Thank you!

Yes, that is correct.