Problem with write_latex_dynamic_model


I have a problem when using the write_latex_dynamic_model command:

Suppose a variable "eff B^{problem}" enters the equation as “eff(-1)^rho” (see attached modfile). This will result in the tex file as “B^{problem}_{t-1}^{\rho}”. However, this produces an error because there is a “double superscript”.
Does any know how I can avoid this?

(One possible solution would be to use additional curly brackets like "eff {B^{problem}}". The resulting tex command will be “{B^{problem}}_{t-1}^{\rho}”, but it does not look very nice since the time index is too far away then from the letter.)

Thanks in advance,
dog.mod (1.18 KB)

As the preprocessor works now, there is no solution to your opposing problems (vertical alignment of first superscript and subscript while avoiding the double superscript compilation error). You would need to change this by hand: {B^{problem}_{t-1}}^{\rho}

Thanks for the answer! But I think I found a solution to this problem:
It seems that “Scientific Workplace” can handle double super- and subscripts. I do not get any error messages there and the created output looks fine.

Just if anyone is interested: I just found out that even Lyx (which can be downloaded for free) can handle double super- and subscripts.