Problem with the graphs in MAC OS X Yosemite


I have dynare 4.4.3 installed in my MAC and I run it on MATLAB_R2015b. I have some problems with the graphics, the most annoying one is the fact that the irfs for the estimation look as if its a zoom in in some area of the graph, I attach a picture.

Did anyone run into this problem or know how to solve it??

Thank you so much!
model_taylorg_Bayesian_IRF_ez_1.pdf (20.9 KB)

Does the problem persist in the unstable version? There were problems in 4.4.3 with Matlab’s new graphics interface, which was introduced later.

Thank you for the reply!
I don’t know if I am using the unstable or not. Just downloaded the unstable file but how do I know if it’s running?

When running the mod-file, you will get output like

[quote]Starting Dynare (version 2015-09-10).
Starting preprocessing of the model file …

If the version stated is not 4.4.3, you are running the unstable version. If not, add a path to the matlab-folder of the Dynare unstable in Matlab.