Problem with simple model; no error code

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I’ll start off by saying that I’m completely new to Dynare (and Matlab) and I’ve spent the last couple of days reading articles, blogposts and watching youtube videos with the aim to learn how to use it for the spring semester.
Right now, I’m trying to replicate (my very first model) a very simple Bayesian DSGE that I found online, with the only goal to “get hands on” and try it out and learn how to use it, the results are not important I just want to get all the relevant output, graphs etc.

So to my problem, the problem now is simply that I do not manage to get it to work at all, and I do not get any error codes either. Previously I had some errors related to the data file I believe (quite certain that I resolved it at this stage) but not anymore. I’ve tried with both excel and matlab data file etc(I attach both) it seems that the model computes the steady state values but total computing time says “0h00m00s” etc.Processing: data3.mat…
Uploading: GDP.xls…
Uploading: Test3.mod…

Any suggestions? I apologize in advance if I have missed something obvious!

Edit: seems to be some problem with uploading my files to the forum, can be found here instead Dynare Code – Google Drive


in line 51 you did not end the “comment out” command with / but you had / thus Dynare never got to the estimation command. If you change it, it starts but breaks because the data for output that you use is not appropriate. Your model variable should have the same characteristics with your data, mean for instance. Read the nice work by Prof. Pfeifer on defining observable equations in Dynare.

What should also be said is that starting Bayesian estimation without guidance/training can be really difficult.

Hope this helps.

Ah, thank you very much!