Problem with running Dynare

Hello guys,
I’m getting some error message while executing the MOD file.
I have installed GNU Octave version 3.4.0 and Dynare version 4.3.0 for Mac OS X.
Here is the error I get:

octave-3.4.0:9> addpath /Applications/Dynare/4.3.0/matlab
octave-3.4.0:16> dynare NK_GM05.mod

Configuring Dynare …
[mex] Generalized QZ.
[mex] Sylvester equation solution.
[mex] Kronecker products.
[mex] Sparse kronecker products.
[mex] Local state space iteration (second order).
[mex] Bytecode evaluation.
[mex] k-order perturbation solver.
[mex] k-order solution simulation.
[mex] Quasi Monte-Carlo sequence (Sobol).

Starting Dynare (version 4.3.0).
Starting preprocessing of the model file …
Substitution of endo leads >= 2: added 6 auxiliary variables and equations.
Substitution of endo lags >= 2: added 11 auxiliary variables and equations.
Found 36 equation(s).
Evaluating expressions…done
Computing static model derivatives:

  • order 1
    Computing dynamic model derivatives:
  • order 1
  • order 2
    Processing outputs …done
    Preprocessing completed.
    Starting MATLAB/Octave computing.

error: value on right hand side of assignment is undefined
error: called from:
error: /Users/shako/Desktop/MMB/NK/NK_GM05.m at line 326, column 10
error: /Applications/Dynare/4.3.0/matlab/dynare.m at line 120, column 1
octave-3.4.0:16> [/quote]

and this is the line in NK_GM05.m at line 326:

If you need some extra information please ask.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

Hi, please post your mod file so I can try to replicate the problem.

Here is the MOD file attached
NK_GM05.mod (8.9 KB)

This is an error in your modfile. cd does not produce any output in Octave, it is only used for changing directories. Use the pwd command instead.

It worked. Thanks a lot!