Problem with running dynare in Matlab 2008b

I use the newest update in SVN server. Below is the error message. Since the color is black, I believe it is from Dynare itself, instead of from Matlab. It looks like irrelavant with my code.

‘“C:\JingHan\acdemic\Research\Program\Library\dynare_svn\trunk\matlab\dynare_m”’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.


This probably means that you have not compiled the preprocessor.

In the SVN, we no longer provide the binary for the preprocessor. You have to recompile it by hand, following the instructions on:

The same applies for DLLs:



Hi, Sébastien:

I can’t understand how to do the compilation in Matlab. I can’t find an executive file called “make”. I am usine windows XP+Matlab 2008b. I am not sure if it is consistent with the Cygwin/Linux thing.



Since you are using Windows, you need to install Cygwin (see

Cygwin is a set of tools which create a Linux-like environment under windows. You will need to install several packages, at least “make”, “g++”, “bison” and “flex”.

Then you run a Cygwin shell window and you can type “make” inside (from the right directory).

We should probably document this a little more on the Wiki.