Problem with new release of MatLab

I just installed MatLab 2008a and ran a dynare program that worked on an earlier version of Matlab. I got this error message

Invalid MEX-file ‘C:\workOld\dynare3\Dynare3.065\dynare_v3\matlab\gensylv.dll’: The specified procedure could not be found.

Can anyone help?

DLLs compiled with older versions of Matlab aren’t compatible with newer versions.

We have fixed the problem in Dynare version 4 by providing DLLs in a directory structure by computer architecture and versions of Matlab. We will not do the same thing for Dynare version 3.

My recommandation is to switch to Dynare version 4 and and nag us until we provide the last few features that are present in version 3 and not in version 4

If you really want to solve the problem for Dynare version 3, download version 4 and copy the relevant DLLs from ./dynare_v4/mex/2007b