Problem with DSGE

Hi, I am a student of economics, and I’m developing a DSGE.

Unfortunately I have a problem: I can not run a model in Dynare.
If they were so kind to colaborarme, to find out where is the error.

Add the .mod file
1.2 English.rar (52.1 KB)
1.2 English.rar (52.1 KB)

You must use a valid filename. If has to start with a letter and not contain additional special characters like the additional dot you put in.

thank you very much.
and I corrected, however, continue to exist problems.
model.rar (52 KB)

Your exogenous processes are

Q = rho*(Q(-1)) + s; A = rho*(A(-1))+ v; z = rho*(z(-1))+ u;
i.e. they are mean 0. But in your production function

y_t = A*((k_t)^(gamma))*((y_im_t)^(1 - gamma));
A is suddenly supposed to have mean 1. You need to have

y_t = exp(A)*((k_t)^(gamma))*((y_im_t)^(1 - gamma));