Problem in steady state

Hi I run the following model but I had trouble finding a stable wage situation. Do you think my form of function is wrong? Do I get different values for the steady state of this variable when I change the initial value?
NDF.mod (2.7 KB)
NDF_steadystate.m (2.6 KB)

You are setting

pi =1.15;

in the steady state file, but

Y              = C + I + G_c + (phi_p/2)*(pi-1)^2*Y_p;

seems to indicate that pi=1 in steady state

My model is based on Rotemberg’s stickness and with the steady state change of this variable there is no change in the residual.
NDF.mod (2.7 KB)
NDF_steadystate.m (2.7 KB)

My model seems to be right. Is it possible to achieve wage is wrong?

Can anyone help me?:pray::pray::pray::pray:

I pointed you already to one mistake in your computations. There are probably more. Recheck everything.

Hi I have been checking my model many times and have been able to reduce the number of errors but there are still one or two errors that have not gone away. In my steady state file, in the function definition section to obtain W, fsolve and fzero give different results. With the fsolve statement, the residuals of the static equation 2 becomes non-zero and the residue of equation 17 becomes NaN. But with the fzero command, most of the residue becomes NaN equations.
Also in the MATLAB file W, I get the value of the function and I put this number (W=0.365) directly in the steady state file which gives a different result than the previous two states, that is, only the residual value of equation 26 becomes non-zero.
What is the reason for this? Is there a problem with my model or is it problem to define my function? Because in different states different equations are non-zero.
Does the negative steady state of some variables have an effect on this?

NDF.mod (2.7 KB)
NDF_steadystate.m (2.8 KB)
W.m (1.6 KB)

Please try to phrase your question in more precise terms. What do you mean with

? It seems you are not talking about state variables.
Also, did you check whether your solver actually finds a solution to your equation? If two solvers return different results that is strange.

Hi. My model get off on paper, but it had problems running on the dynare. I had trouble obtaining steady state and getting steady state of W. When I change the default value, TolX or TolFun,or initial point, I get different results. Do you think my model has a problem? Or the problem with coding?
NDF.mod (4.2 KB)
NDF_steadystate.m (2.9 KB)

Your steady state file is wrong. Use the attached one to see that there are two problematic equations once you solve your nonlinear equation with a proper tolerance.

NDF_steadystate.m (2.9 KB)