Problem in steady state

Hi I run the following model but I had trouble finding a stable wage situation. Do you think my form of function is wrong? Do I get different values for the steady state of this variable when I change the initial value?
NDF.mod (2.7 KB)
NDF_steadystate.m (2.6 KB)

You are setting

pi =1.15;

in the steady state file, but

Y              = C + I + G_c + (phi_p/2)*(pi-1)^2*Y_p;

seems to indicate that pi=1 in steady state

My model is based on Rotemberg’s stickness and with the steady state change of this variable there is no change in the residual.
NDF.mod (2.7 KB)
NDF_steadystate.m (2.7 KB)

My model seems to be right. Is it possible to achieve wage is wrong?

Can anyone help me?:pray::pray::pray::pray:

I pointed you already to one mistake in your computations. There are probably more. Recheck everything.