Problem in replicating BP2018MD "The New Keynesian Wage Phillips Curve: Calvo vs. Rotemberg "

Dear Pfeifer,
I am running the code in my computer (dynare 4.5.4 and Ubuntu 18.04). But I can not able to compute the conditional welfare loss, and the dynare reports:
“Error using *
Inner matrix dimensions must agree.
Error in simult_ (line 134)
y_(dr.order_var,i) = constant + dr.ghxyhat + dr.ghuepsilon …
Error in get_consumption_equivalent_conditional_welfare (line 38)
y_sim = simult_(initial_condition_states,oo_.dr,shock_matrix,options_.order);
%simulate one period to get value
Error in csolve (line 60)
Error in Born_Pfeifer_2018_welfare (line 444)
Error in dynare (line 231)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;”

I do not know how to fix it, could you help me.

That was a mistake in our codes. The error codes were not properly handled. Thanks for pointing this out. I corrected the two affected files. Please try again with the new files.