Preprocessing failed

Hi, my file is in attach.
when dynare run my model. appear this message: Error using dynare (line 114)
DYNARE: preprocessing failed

what’s mu mistake?
Untitled7.m (1.42 KB)
sample.mod (1.22 KB)

I think there are at least two small errors in your mod file.

1st) You have to write “;” at the end of each line.
from line 5 to line 25

and line 38: t=y;

2nd) you have “omega” in model but you have declared it yet.

Hope this helps


thanks for your attention; but Unfortunately, the error still occurs. why?

Please post the updated mod-file

Hi, the update mod file is in attachment.
example.mod (1.17 KB)

Hi there,
You have at least some following errors:

  1. It must have “;” at the end of line 2 : varexo e_a e_g e_or e_say e_dg e_fr;
  2. Equation in line 33: m=(1/khi)(c-r)==> it lacks ""==> m=(1/khi)(c-r)
  3. You have declared “y” in equation 39 yet
  4. and “delta” also

thanks for your attention; but the error still occurs. why?
please help me, because I don’t have much time to deliver my paper to my teacher. :unamused:

I did change the code, but there is an error. why?
mod file is in attachment
example.mod (1.11 KB)

Hi there,

I just check your file. You have to define “y” and “delta” used in model in “var or varexo or parameters”.

Hi, thanks for your attention anhn39.
model runs, but there are 4 errors, please help me. the mod file is in attachment.
example.mod (1.13 KB)

In your model, the Blanchard Kahn conditions are not satisfied. There are many topics discussing this issue in the forum, you can find some suggestions there. If your model is correct, you should change parameters’ values.