Pre-processing failed with source build on Big Sur

I’m trying to update Homebrew’s version of Dynare at

To test the build, we run dynare bkk.mod console in an Octave script. This works fine on Mojave and Catalina, but returns the following error on Big Sur:

error: Dynare: preprocessing failed
error: called from
    dynare at line 282 column 5
    test at line 4 column 1

CI run logs available at Assistance would be appreciated.

I can’t tell what’s going wrong just with those logs and error messages, there is not enough information.

Note that the Dynare Team has limited resources to dedicate to macOS packaging. We already provide our own macOS package (which is compiled with the Homebrew toolchain, and which works on Big Sur).

I’m afraid we don’t have extra resources to also support the official Homebrew package.

Yes, I understand; thanks for the response. Is there some configuration I can set to get Dynare to produce more verbose output?

Actually, I managed to fix it. I had a look at your build scripts to see what we were doing differently (aside from using a newer version of Octave).

Adding -static-libgcc to LDFLAGS did the trick. Not sure why that makes a difference, but it did. Thanks for having a look anyway!