Practicing Dynare_2019(updated version)

Hi, everyone

This is an updated version of Practicing Dynare.

Some bugs of the codes had been fixed. And the updated codes worked well in Dynare 4.5.6.

Adding some new text.

Best Wishes! (134.5 KB)
Practicing_Dynare_2019.pdf (1.6 MB)


Thanks for sharing! It makes no doubt that this file will help many dynare users

There are some tricks to coding unit-root variables in the files.
This file will help many students, young macroeconomists and dynare users.


I have been using your document and I think i have found a bug. When obtaining the Euler equation from the lagrangian derivative on k_t in the production function we should keep exponent from labour as 1-α.


However when the Euler equation is presented in your document, the exponent is reduced to α.

But on the other hand the code provided is correct.

…*(1+alp *exp(z(-1))*k(-1)ˆ(alp-1)*labˆ(1-alp)-del);

Hope this helps


s’il vous plaît j’ai besoin des versions compatibles de dynare et matlab pour window pour travailler sur la DSGE.

Please in English


By the way is an awesome translation tool based on neural networks :wink:

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Thanks so much!

I had followed your github two day ago.

I am exciting for finding your notes

Thanks again

Using the translator recommended by @wmutschl on
“Yes. Dynare is backward compatible with older Matlab versions, but not the other way round. You cannot use really old Matlab version with a recent Dynare version.”

Oui. Dynare est rétrocompatible avec les anciennes versions de Matlab, mais pas l’inverse. Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser une très ancienne version de Matlab avec une version récente de Dynare.


Could you send me the correct derivation???