Practical Help Needed

Can anybody guide me step by step in using the Dynare 4 version on Matlab using Haver Data for forecasting.


I think that nobody will be able to help you if you describe your problem in such vague and imprecise terms.

First read the documentation, then if you encounter a problem that you cannot solve, ask here but be precise about what you are trying to do and what does not work.



Can you suggest me somebody who can teach me to use DYNARE practically and help me build a DSGE model as per my requirement, so that it will be a big help for me, to continue my job. I am ready to remunerate for the service.

Let’s bargain on the price… : )
Seriously, the manual is self-explanatory. As usual, RTFM.

On a different topic, Sébastien could u please take a look at my last 2 posts? I’m having an issue with a 3-rd order approximation IRFs. Thanks! RT