Posterior IRF of a system growing with technology

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I want to get Posterior IRF of a system growing with technology.In the equation system,output,investment is trasformed to stationary variable according to dynare request.But I want to get Posterior IRF for output,investment which grows with technology(that are,real output and investment).what should I do ?
Attached file is my mod file and data file.

Thank you!
dydicq.m (2.66 KB)
rbc_5.mod (2.05 KB)

If you estimated the model in first differences, you have to integrate the series up (i.e. add up the changes) the variables after a permanent technology shock. You have to program this yourself. For example, let X_t be the trend in labor-augmenting technology and define y_t=Y_t/X_t. Then obviously Y_t=y_t*X_t. From the estimated model, you have y_t (the detrended one) and the response of Delta X_t. Starting with X_0=1, it is easy to back out the IRF of y_t.

Dear jpfeifer:
Thank you very much! I will try