Possible to have two separate model blocks?

Is it possible to have two separate model blocks in a dynare .mod file?

Specifically, I have some equations that are non-linear and some that are linearized. I want to include the non-linear equations in one model block and have dynare log-linearize those. I also want to list my linearized equations in a separate model block and force dynare not to linearize those. The reason i would like to do this is that the model is fairly large and complicated to log-linearize by hand. However, I have derived a few equations from the model first order conditions that I do not want dynare to linearize again. Thanks for the help.

//all nonlinear equations


//all equations that are derived as linear


The linearization of a linear equation is just the equation itself. Thus, put everything including the linear equations into one model block without the linear option. This will give you what you want.