Policy & Transition Function

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I have a question relating to outputs produced by Dynare.

  • After running a .mod file, I see on the command window a table of policy transition function, from which we can derive the approximated solution for example:
    k = constant + ak(-1) + ba(-1) + c*e (1)
    with a, b, c are elements in the table

  • however, there is another output like matrices of coefficient of A and B in the policy & transition functions in the state-space form, like
    Y=As(-1) + Be (2)

What makes me confused is that, why in (1) we have constant term, and in (2) we dont have while both of them are policy/transition functions?


In the second case the variables are in deviations to the steady state, so there is no constant.


Thank Stephane, I got it.

Regarding the coefficient matrices A & B in state-space form, I have one more question.

As I read, they store the coefficients in the “decision rule” order: static variables --> backward-looking variables --> forward-looking variables. That is all I can found.

But in case that my model have several backward-looking variables, then how can I see the order of coefficients between these backward-looking variables? I need to know the order of variables exactly to use these coefficients to do simulations.

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If you cannot sort this out with the information provided in the reference manual here:


you really should use the simult_ routine, as I aready suggested you here:


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Oh I am so sorry I bookmarked the link of the manual to read on this, but then totally forget…
I got it now thanks to the manual: “The DR-order is the following: static variables appear first, then purely backward variables, then mixed variables, and finally purely forward variables. Inside each category, variables are arranged according to the declaration order.

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