Plotting steady state variables

Is it possible to plot the steady state value of a variable as a funciton of a parameter (say, capital as a function of an exogenous capital income tax)? My intution says no, as it would require Dynare to run the simulation many times for different parameter values, but i’m not sure. The particular model i’m working on is deterministic, by the way.

Thanks, N.W

Hi, I do not think this has to do with the stochastic versus deterministic nature of the model. You can call the steady command in a loop changing the value of the parameter with respect to which you wish to analyse the sensitivity of the steady state. The steady command stores the computed steady state in oo_.steady_state you just need to store a copy of this vector (where the variables are ordered as in M_.endo_names) in a preallocated matrix. You will probably want to save the corresponding parameter values in another array. The code will be probably more efficient if you directly call the matlab routine steady_.m instead.


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