Plotting model / variable-vectors

Hi users,
Which code should I use to plot the model as some of variables are now vectors?
Thank you!!!
models1.mod (7.6 KB)
H_loop.m (3.6 KB) models2.mod (3.5 KB)

Please elaborate on what exactly you are trying to do.

Dear Professor,
I want to plot a graph, and in the m. file I wrote the following code : subplot(331), plot(us), grid on, title(‘skilled unemployment’) but in this case the variable “us” takes only one value, i.e. the ‘steady state’. That’s why the code does not work. I use the m. file in order to loop over parameters end I want to illustrate the parameters effect through a graphic . Which code should I use?

Thank you.

But you still did not tell us what exactly you are trying to plot. Are you trying to compute the steady state values for a set of parameter values?

I want to plot the stedy state of variables.

Please be more precise. A steady state for a variable is one single value. How do you arrive at a vector, i.e. what is the second dimension? The steady state for a particular variable if a parameter is varied?

Thank you, I found the solution. :blush:

Dear all,
I was just wondering how this was resolved. i.e. How do you run multiple simulations with differing values for a given parameter, and then plot the results e.g. plot steady state consumption vs. discount factor beta

There are various posts on looping over parameters. The particulars depend on what you are trying to do.