Plot_shock_decomposition encountered errors

Hi, Professor, when I conduct estimation and plot the decomposition against specific shock group, I encountered the following error.

In addition, the figure plot nothing, like

And the plot_shock_decomposition is

I don’t understand the what the error mean and don’t how to solve the problem. Could you please give me some hint? Thank you so much for your help. I am uploading the mod file for your reference.
estimation 2 (182.5 KB)

You need to use a dseries for estimation if you want to specify plot_init_date=dates('1989Q4'). Otherwise, Dynare thinks your data starts in 1Q1. Use

ts = dseries('mydata.mat');
// Load directly the dseries object as data for the estimation. The declared observed variables must be in the dseries object ts. 
data(series=ts, first_obs=1981Q1);

without specifying a datafile.