Permanent Shock, Impossible to find the steady state


I am new to Dynare and I am struggling to set up a permanent shock to simulate a steady state transition in my model. Basically I need to simulate the transition from no carbon tax (tau_e = 0) to with carbon tax (tau_e = 0.017).
I have used initval and endval followed related posts here. But I got the error message “Impossible to find the steady state”.

This is how I set up the permanent tax shock:



e_tau_e = 0.017;


var e_tau_e;
periods 0:5 5:500;
values 0 0.017;

I am also attaching my Dyane file.
Does anyone have an idea what’s going on here?
steadystate.mat (667 Bytes)
solve_v7.mod (7.5 KB)

Best and thanks for any help!

Check your model. For the initval-steady state, there are -Inf as steady state values. That cannot be.

Professor Pfeifer, thanks for your prompt reply! The SS values for those variables are 0. I simply put everything into exp() so they became -INF…I’ve modified my mod file and remove exp() for those with ss=0. I still got the error message saying “Impossible to find ss” after the permanent shock. Could you please help me take a look again?
solve_v8.mod (7.4 KB)

Are you sure a steady state exists for tau_e not equal 0?

I am trying to replicate this paper []. They talked about the permanent shock (an increase in tau_e from 0 to 0.017) on page 22, and on page 39 and 50, they have tables showing different steady states. Am I misunderstanding something?

The problem is that the trust_region-algorithm fails. Use
solve_v8.mod (7.5 KB)