PDF Manual and Tutorial links not working

Dear all,

I’m completely new to Dynare and Matlab programming in general.

I have developed a DSGE model considering the Dry Bulk Shipping market for my graduate thesis, and would like to run a series of simulations on it. After having done a bit of research it seems that Dynare is the right program for me to do this in. However since I’m completely new to Dynare I wanted to read a user manual and the tutorials but the links to these does not seem to work on the website.

Will there be a fix to this in the near future?

Hi Toyberg

you can have the Dynare`s latest reference manual here >>> dynare.pdf (1.3 MB)

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@sebastien Could someone please have a look at the link to the manual at https://www.dynare.org/resources/# It is indeed broken.
@Toyberg FYI: each Dynare installation has a doc-folder with the documentation related to the version you installed.

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Thanks for the report, I have fixed the download link for the PDF manual on https://www.dynare.org/resources

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