Parallel configuration test error in Dynare

I wrote a configuration file for parallel computation of a model. When I test this configuration file in MATLAB unfortunately I have an error.

dynare modelname parallel_test conffile=myconf.ini

The error is ‘command_string’

I think that these is a mistake in typing of configuration file. I checked it but the problem isn’t solved.My configuration file is very similar to a normal configuration file in Dynare.

Please provide the full error message and the conffile you are using.

Configuration file content:



Error content is as follows:

Testing computer -> localhost <- …

Check on Local Variable … Ok!

Checking Hardware please wait …
The command causing the error was:
Undefined function or variable ‘command_string’.

Error in AnalyseComputationalEnvironment (line 559)

Error in RBC_MA2020.driver (line 166)
ErrorCode = AnalyseComputationalEnvironment(options_.parallel,

Error in dynare (line 293)
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]) ;

This is due to a bug. The fix is at

Thanks so much professor.
I fixed the bug and the problem solved completely but not only due to bug fix but also it needed some other changes on windows configuration with pstools.

But I should indicate that parallel computation of a model in Dynare was interesting for me.