Parallel Computing MCMC chains

Dear all,

I tried to run two MCMC chains in parallel with Dynare 6.0 on a silicon mac. The output of parallel_test seems to be fine:

When I change the command to parallel, I somehow receive an error message that the connection is refused.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

@wmutschl is the one to ask.

If you have not set up SSH keys on your system, you should do this and add this key to the file .ssh/authorized_keys. Feel free to follow this guide

In general there is something not working with your SSH settings/keys. Could you run the following

  1. in
ssh localhost
  1. in MATLAB’s command window:
system('ssh localhost')

and paste the output. Ideally, you are going to be asked to accept the connection (which you should do) and simply connect to your mac via SSH (which we require for parallel estimation). You can then exit the SSH session to your system by typing “exit”. If both work fine, then please re-run the MCMC estimation.