Parallel Bayesian estimation doesn't work on Mac


I’ve been trying for days to estimate a DSGE model using the parallel toolbox in my Mac. I’ve done such estimations in Windows without a problem many times. I have followed every step in the manual for a Mac computer, and I cannot get it done (e.g., I’ve checked that the SSH keys are properly installed - or at least I think so-, placed the .dynare configuration file in the user’s home folder, changed AnalyseComputationalEnvironment.m file so that parallel_test file runs smoothly) but nothing seems to work. Here you can find a post with the same issue, which remained unsolved, and which I followed when changing the AnalyseComputationalEnvironment.m file. [Parallel with Mac OS X)

The estimation indeed gets stuck when it arrives to

ssh @localhost rm -f //random_walk_metropolis_hastings_core_output_*.mat: Signal 127 ssh @localhost rm -f //comp_status_random_walk_metropolis_hastings_core*.mat: Signal 127 ssh @localhost rm -f //slaveParallel_break.mat: Signal 127

I know that is not a problem of the mod file, or the data, because the estimation runs perfectly without the parallel option. I’ve attached a test file for illustration.

Any of your help will be very much appreciated. I’m running Dynare 4.4.3 in Matlab 2015b and OSX El Capitan.

Thank you for your time.

best regards,
Julio (27.5 KB)

Unfortunately, the issue has not yet been solved, see