Optimal inflation

Hi everybody.
I need the dynare code i.e .mod file for one of the following papers if anybody has? IT will be very helpful for me.
1.“Inflation Persistence and Optimal Positive Long-run Inflation” by “Dario Pontiggia” (2008).
2.The Optimal Inflation Rate in New Keynesian Models: Should Central Banks Raise Their Inflation Targets in Light of the ZLB? by Olivier Coibion , Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Johannes Wieland (2011).
3. “Optimal inflation for Japan’s economy” by Hitoshi Fuchi at al (2008).
4. “The Optimal Inflation Rate under Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity” by Mikael Carlsson and Andreas Westermark (2011).
5.“Optimal inflation for the U.S. economy” R. Billi (2010).