One of my code versions does not get the steady state

Dear colleague,

I have different versions of a model (different utility preferences, etc) in a single mod file. The “default” version works well, but the “GHH” give me the error “The steadystate file did not compute the steady state”.
Only two equations change from one version to the other and versions are chosen in lines 115-118 of the mod file (attached with the rest of code files).
Moreover, I have another set of code files (with a slightly different model) able to simulate both the default and the GHH versions by changing the two mentioned equations… So, I suppose these two equations are not the reason of the error I get.

Could anyone give me some help to solve the problem, please? (8.54 KB)

I cannot even run your code because

is missing.
But note that GHH preferences imply that you need to adjust your steady state file, because generally the different preference specification necessitates adjustments.

Dear Johannes,

Thank you for your answer and sorry for the missing file…
I realized the problem came from the initial values. My model is extremely sensitive to parameter variations and I am forced to adjust a pair of initial values in every run (when I change a parameter value slightly). What a pain.