Olr variable list and matlab crash for many figures

Dear Michel,
I have experienced 2 problems with olr sentence. First, since i have a large model i wanted IRFs for a subset of variables, now if the number increases like e.g. 30 the string-maker stops transfering to the m file.
Given that, i introduced no variables, then i had MANY figures that made my OS collapse several times at some point around 292 figures. Finally, i wanted to disable the “BackingStore” property for figures which is set to “on” by default to save resources but i tried introducing “BackingStore off” in stoch_simul but with no results(when “BackingStore” is on, MATLAB stores a copy of the figure window in an off-screen pixel buffer). Is it a valid option? Do you know how to improve this current state of arts? The idea is to save IRF vectors without the time consuming process of so many figures or to handle the subset of variables at my desire.
Thank you in advance.
Jorge F

Dear Jorge,

  1. if you don’t write a list of variables Dynare will draw IRFs for all combinations of endogenous variables/shocks
  2. as a short cut, I sugget that you run two jobs with less than 30 variables each
  3. could you send me an example when listing more than 30 variables make them not appear in the *.m file
  4. I have no experience with the BackingStore option