OLD version of Dynare

Hey everybody,
Please I need to download the old version of dynarra: dynare 3.0, but the website changed and I cannot find the old versions of the dynare.

Help me please.


The website got a new look and Google has not yet updated its links, so just go to the start page of dynare, and then you find everything under downloads,i.e.

Thanks dear wmutschl,
Yes I followed these steps: https://www.dynare.org/release/oldies/dynare-3/matlab/windows/dyn-mat-v3-0-1015 zipped file, but when i dizipped it I didn’t find the “.exe”, there was an only application file dynare_m.exe inside the matlab folder, but it doesn’t install the dynare 3.0!!!
So did I something wrong?

Maybe just adding the Matlab folder as path works? Otherwise you would need to compile it from source I guess. I have never worked with the oldies versions, but my hunch is compiling is similar as compiling the current version as described on https://git.dynare.org/Dynare/dynare What is the reason you need this version and not the stable one?

@stepan-a surely knows the answer

Hi, At that time we didn’t distribute a windows installer. All you have to do is unzip the zip archive and put the Matlab folder in the Matlab path. The executable you saw is the Dynare’s preprocessor which parses mod files and produces Matlab representations of the model. I am not certain that this exe and the distributed dll are still working with recent Windows and Matlab (it will not work with Octave).