Octave UPM and Visual Studio

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This is just to ask a question concerning Dynare for Octave to Dynare developers. Proofessor Israel Herraiz mat.caminos.upm.es/~iht/ at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (upm.es/internacional) has developed a great tool for Octave users, a graphical interface, Octave UPM. It works both in English and in Spanish, and both in Windows and GNU/Linux. Octave UPM is available at mat.caminos.upm.es/octave/. Unfortunately, Dynare (as currently designed) and Octave UPM are not compatble with each other, because Octave UPM is compiled with Visual Studio, while Dynare and some versions of Octave for Windows are compiled with MingW. This is my question: is the Dynare team planning a Dynare version compiled with Visual Studio?



It is not in our plans to compile Dynare with Visual Studio. The reason is that all our building tools are from the GNU/Linux world, and MinGW is very convenient because it allows us to compile the Windows binaries from a GNU/Linux machine.

Compiling with Visual Studio would mean that we would have to design a new build system, fix incompatibilities of our C/C++ code with that compiler (since unfortunately Visual Studio is not C99 compliant, and we also use some GNU-specific extensions).

To summarize, this is quite a lot of work, and we do not have the resources to do that.

If you are willing to contribute a Visual Studio build, you are of course welcome.


Dear Sebastien,

I do perfectly understand it. For a while I thought that it might not be so resource consuming. Thanks a lot for your response.

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