Occbin in Dynare 4.6

Hi Professor, I was running my model with the Occbin toolkit you posted on your website, but came across the error saying something wrong with lead_lag_incidence. I didn’t fully catch up with the underlying algorithm of Occbin and have no idea about how lead_lag_incidence matters. As for now, I only figure it out about how to set “model_00, model_01,model_10,model_11”. Could you please give me a hint about how to solve the error? Any help is appreciated.

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Hi professor, the problem has been solved half-half. I followed your dnk file and used a dummy equation tag in my model. The result was indeed improved partially with two-two models separately sharing a same M_.lead_lag_incidence as opposed to that when three models shared the same M_.lead_lag_incidence before the dummy equation tag was used. At this point, two models catering to the same constraint have the same M_.lead_lag_incidence. For example, model_00 and model_10 (two switching models subject to ZLB for policy rate) have the same lead_lag_incidence and can apply to the solve_one_constraint function. I don’t know how to make four models consistent with each other in terms of lead_lag_incidence. Could you please give a hint? In addition, I still get lost in why lead_lag_incidence matters. Could you please share with me some notes to learn about it?

Please use Dynare 5.1’s Occbin implementation where such problems should not occur.