Not stopping the algorithm after violation of BK-conditions

Hello everyone,

I use the comand stoch_simul() within a loop to try many different combinations of parameters. For some parameter combinations, the model does not satisfy the Blanchard-Kahn conditions. My problem is that Dynare in this situation stops running the algorith and prints the according error message. Hence, my loop aborts when the parameter combination does for the first time not satisfy BK-condition.

Is there a way to suppress the stop of the run of the .mod-file? Is there a certain return value of stoch_simul() in this case?

many thanks in advance and greetings from Berlin,



I have exactly the same problem when running loop in my dynare code. So is there a way to solve the problem?

Moreover, when running the loop, is there a way to have dynare print the parameters used for each run to indexation?

Thanks for any help!



You should enclose the Dynare in a “try” and “catch” construct in order to catch the error. Have a look at MATLAB documentation for “try”.


many thanks!

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