Not enough input arguments fsolve

Hello all,

I am running a dynare with “modfilename_steadystate.m”. Inside of “modfilename_steadystate.m”, I used fsolve. However, when I run dynare it gives me error of

Not enough input arguments.

Error in Solvenobank_SS (line 70)

Error in fsolve (line 260)
fuser = feval(funfcn{3},x,varargin{:});
Error in ener_nobank_steadystate (line 42)

Error in evaluate_steady_state_file (line 49)
[ys,params1,check] = h_steadystate(ys_init, exo_ss,M,options);

Error in evaluate_steady_state (line 210)
[ys,params,info] = evaluate_steady_state_file(ys_init,exo_ss,M, options,steadystate_check_flag);

Error in steady_ (line 55)
[steady_state,params,info] =

Error in steady (line 80)
[oo_.steady_state,M_.params,info] = steady_(M_,options_,oo_);

Error in ener_nobank.driver (line 1062)

Error in dynare (line 293)
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]) ;

Caused by:
Failure in initial objective function evaluation. FSOLVE cannot continue.

Is my fsolve not working properly? I put all arguments into fsolve, yet it is saying not enough input arguments and I don’t see wrong equation for


Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Impossible to tell without the relevant files.